The reason why his lawyers still don’t want Dani Alves to divorce Joana Sanz

The lawyers for the defense of Dani Alves are seeking to prevent their client from remaining in prison at all costs, and they are working on a strategy to achieve this goal.

According to La Razon, one of the most important things for his lawyers is that the former Barcelona footballer should not be separated from his current wife, Joana Alves, until the trial is over and a sentence is handed down.

According to the newspaper, the Spanish model has reached an agreement with Alves’ litigants in order to give him, at least in the eyes of the gallery, her support.

It is vital to show that Joana, whom the 39-year-old married in 2017, trusts him.

Relationship between Dani Alves and Joana Sanz is beyond repair

Beyond the alleged agreement, the relationship between the 39-year-old player and the model is said to be completely broken and Joana took advantage of her visit to prison to talk to Alves about what happened at the Sutton nightclub on 30 December, after a 23-year-old girl reported him for rape, sources close to the couple told the newspaper.

The meeting between the two would also have served to address the terms of the divorce, but for now they are keeping up appearances so that the separation does not damage the criminal situation of the former Pumas player, as it could undermine the credibility of his testimony should his own wife not trust him.

Joana Sanz could move to Paris

In order to keep calm, Joana would be looking to put some distance between them in order to comply with the agreement reached, which is why she is considering a move to Paris.

A few days ago, she shared on Instagram pictures from her visit to the French capital, where she was looking for a flat to start a new life.

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