Paralegal blasts LSO for failing to lift restrictions on providing immigration legal services

“I’m very thankful that Minister Sean Fraser responded to Teresa Donnelly’s letter, and he clearly pointed out that paralegals have the right to give advice and representation. Nowhere does he mention the word IRB because he knows that we are allowed to practise the full scope of practice,” Caruso says.

He says the by-laws allow paralegals to practice the full scope of immigration and is not restrictive. “I’ve asked the LSO a number of times to show me where in by-law 4 that says we can’t practice, and they can’t. There’s nothing wrong with by-law four, and a lot of people are getting confused that it limits our scope, but by-law 4 is what gives us our scope.”

Paralegals can practise the full scope of immigration, and Caruso says it is “word of mouth” restricting the scope of practice, not a written rule. He says the lawsuit against the LSO limiting paralegals’ from providing complete immigration services does not need to go forward anymore because of the intervention from the immigration minister.

“The letter points out that we have the right to practice immigration. So, I’m practising. The law society can’t stop me because they’re outside their jurisdiction.”

Caruso says he has demanded that the LSO prosecute him for providing immigration services. However, the regulator has refused and closed all immigration-related investigations against him. “If I’m doing a disservice to the public, it’s their duty to prosecute me, and the law society is not prosecuting me.”

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