OUR VIEW: Trump continues verbal attacks on legal system | Opinion

In response to racial justice protests in 2020, then-President Donald Trump tweeted “Law & Order.”

But Trump’s comments about his various legal entanglements show that the former president only supports our justice system when it works in his favor.

Last year, Trump labeled the nation’s legal system as a “broken disgrace” when ordered by a judge to answer questions in a defamation lawsuit.

Trump also called the decision by Judge Jon Tigar of the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals “a disgrace” when the judge ruled against a portion of the administration’s 2018 plan regarding who could cross the U.S.-Mexico border.

Trump went on to call the 9th Circuit “a complete and total disaster.”

Also in 2018, Trump claimed on his Twitter account that the FBI and Justice Department had “misled the courts” as he incorrectly stated that a warrant focused on his former adviser, Carter Page, was mostly based on the discredited Steele dossier.

Then there’s the infamous Jan. 6, 2020 speech in which Trump called on his supporters to “fight like hell” in protesting the certification of a legal and fair election.

Before being arraigned on 34 felony charges in New York on Tuesday, Trump called for his case to be moved out of a Manhattan court because of that court’s assumed liberal bias. Trump blasted Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg for weeks leading up to the arraignment, accusing him of “prosecutorial misconduct” and of being a George Soros-backed “Racist in Reverse.”

It was a Manhattan grand jury that indicted Trump, and if the case makes it to trial, a group of citizens will decide whether the former President is guilty or innocent. That’s how our legal system works.

If Trump’s assertions about biased judges, prosecutors and juries were true, wouldn’t that mean mean a GOP-appointed judge would rule in his favor?

Trump’s recent history dispels that assumption.

According to a 2021 Brookings Institution review, 29 of the 30 Republican-appointed federal judges who considered Trump’s 2020 election challenges rejected his claims.

We are a country of law and order, not one of partisan legal interpretation. Laws define when an act is considered to be criminal, not angry mobs or politicians seeking power.

Regardless of party, a president should be investigated if there’s evidence that he or she committed a crime. If a grand jury moves forward with an indictment, then the legal process should take its course

Law and order stems from precedent, policy and procedure, not social media rants.

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