Kim Kardashian in for ‘trial’ as Kanye West negotiates divorce ‘from a hurt place’

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Kim Kardashian ‘to go to trial’ as Kanye West negotiating divorce ‘from hurt place’

Kanye West is putting himself in grave trouble with his ‘tactics’ to avoid divorce proceedings with Kim Kardashian.

Speaking to The Sun, a Texas-based attorney confessed that she thinks the couple will go to trial if they fail to resolve their internal conflicts.

Lawyer Holly Davis said: “I absolutely think that this case will go to trial if Kanye continues to attorney-shop his way through the divorce.

“One of the best ways to deal with a person who does not believe the rules apply to them is to have a trial or have a court determine the disputed issues.

“This is a last resort for a celebrity like Kim, who has tried to keep the messiness of her breakup out of the press, but it is the only way to deal with a spouse who will not negotiate from a position based in logic.”

She went on: “When a spouse is only negotiating from an emotional position, it is very difficult to ‘confer’ or reach agreements, despite the best legal advice that could be given to that person.

“That is likely why so many of Kanye’s attorneys are no longer representing him.”

She alleged their expertise or legal advice is “likely not being followed” by the star as he is “not negotiating from a place of logic or rules, but instead he is negotiating from a hurt place in his soul, in addition to anger about being broken up with in the first place.”

“Kanye hiring an attorney who is in the fashion world is not a surprise to me as a divorce attorney,” she added.

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