Clinton Township police officer charged with misusing LEIN computer system

MACOMB COUNTY, Mich. (FOX 2)A former Clinton Township police officer in trouble with the law for misusing the Law Enforcement Information Network.

“It’s unfortunate that an officer of the law would even be charged with a crime or even be a suspect in a crime,” said Macomb County Prosecutor Pete Lucido.  “Because we do trust and look up the law enforcement.”

An investigation of John Hreno, an officer with the Clinton Township Police Department, found he allegedly ran a license plate with LEIN in August of 2022  – but it the plate was not the focus of any investigation.

“It’s part of their training that the LEIN machine is used for law-enforcement purposes not to have your own frolicking detour,” Lucido said.

Among the information that can be obtained from LEIN includes a person’s address.

“Everything is recorded on the LEIN, meaning you have to put in a code, of whose using (it) also, what the subject matter is about, and in this case here, if there’s no viable reason, it obviously has got to be for personal use.”

Lucido did not comment on what Hreno allegedly did with the information obtained.

“Not at this time, no, the case is still open under review until the court is adjudicated it accordingly,” he said.

Hreno, 36, was charged with unauthorized disclosure of LEIN information, a 93-day misdemeanor.

He was arraigned in Clinton Township District Court and given a $5,000 personal bond. His next court date is set for May 15th.

FOX 2 contacted the Clinton Township Police Department for comment but have not received a response.

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